Monday 9 April 2012

a new paper collection

Well happy easter everyone, hope your holiday is wonderful, mine is just great, i love chocolate, spring and time off work to just chill and do my garden, so this holiday is my most favourite one all year !

I have been making a new paper collection aswell and wanted to share this with you today.

My inspiration was one of my all time favourite sweeties, Refreshers!  YUM!

I have taken the colours and sugariness and used them to interpret how my papers came out and I am very pleased with them :)

So here is a preview of 'Refreshers' and I think they really zing !

Accessory papers:

Pattern papers (shown in 'fields' green)

 Colour Palette:
colours are :  gorgeous, warm pink, pink, sunny, fields, green & jaffa

The collection is £3.00 and available now in the shop.

& I hope you enjoy the rest of your hols, see you soon.. it's back to the gardening now, even in the rain!
Mandy x


Karen said...

I ADORE these!! And yes refreshers are just great aren't they? Smiles.xx

~Tammy~ said...

Gorgeous Mandy!!!!

Mary J said...

So pretty, love the colourways Mandy!